Children’s Aid & Family Services is one of northern New Jersey’s leading nonprofit providers of human services and child welfare programs. They help children who don’t have families able to care for them, and support children, young adults, the elderly and their families through the everyday challenges and transitions in life. Since 1899, they’ve been helping the most vulnerable people in their community improve their lives.

The 2012 Annual Report was designed to capture the spirit and mission of Children’s Aid & Family Services. The foster children who come to Children’s Aid & Family Servicesare usually so wounded their dreams may be only tiny glimmers of hope. They most often wish for a loving family, a place to call home and the opportunity for a good education. Every child deserves to look at the future and see possibilities. The 2012 Annual Report tells the story of how Children’s Aid & Family Sevices helps these children lead fuller, richer lives. Want to know more about do good marketing?