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Bike or Hike for Family Promise May 7th!

February 17, 2017

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Meet The Candlelighters NYC. Helping families deal with childhood cancer.

December 23, 2015

 I was recently introduced to the Candlelighters NYC by a fellow high school alumnus, Dan O'Toole, and his wife, Claire. Candlelighters is an organization dedicated to helping families get through the difficult times when a child is diagnosed with and being treated for cancer. They assist through all stages: discovery, diagnosis, treatment and remission- “Because kids can't fight cancer alone.”™


Barbara Zobian who runs this organization does a tremendous amount that directly helps the children and their families. Examples include: providing strollers, trips to the LEGO store, visiting Central Park police and becoming an honorary NYPD officer, transportation through the city, parties, blankets and pillows and so, so much more. This organization provides the necessities to get through long, hard treatment days far from home. She and her organization do what your friends and family would do if you were getting treatment at home. I know I speak for many of the families expressing my gratitude for Barbara and the commitment she has to our children.



Here is just one of the many inspirational stories: Brianna – As told by Mom – Danielle Howard


 My daughter Brianna and I traveled to NYC for what we thought would be a two day trip for a second opinion with a new team of doctors. Little did we know that those two days would turn into 11 long months. Leaving our family behind, and all the comforts of home, while taking on a vigorous chemotherapy and radiation regimen in preparation for a bone marrow transplant was no walk in the park. We are so very thankful we were able to meet Barbara and her family during our first month living at the Ronald McDonald House. They became our family in a sense and provided such comfort and joy to Brianna and I during our stay. We were able to enjoy outings that we would never of been able to experience on our own, we were gifted beautiful items, we were treated like family, and we were always shown kindness and compassion. Barbara and her family often put our needs in front of their own and were always there to lend a helping hand when needed. We will never forget Candlelighters NYC and all they have done for our family. It was because of them our 11 months away from home was enjoyable in many senses. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Danielle Howard – proud mother of Brianna


Families shouldn’t have to fight cancer alone. Candlelighters NYC is a free service that is open to anyone who has a child being treated for Cancer in New York City.  Click here to sign up to be a Candlelighters NYC family by answering a few questions. Click here if you ar interested in donating. 


The Candlelighters NYC - proving there is some good in every day. Do good. It feels good.




Do Good Marketing, LLC is a full-service virtual marketing agency. Our bricks and mortar world headquarters are located in Ridgewood, NJ but our people are coast-to coast.  We have a very simple operating philosophy. We fiercely believe business can and should be used to make the world a better place by helping others. Some people think that means we work exclusively with not-for-profits. Well, that is not the case. While we do work with many not-for-profits (in fact our goal is to achieve a 1-to-1 ratio of not-for-profit to for-profit clients) much of our collective experience and success has been in the for-profit world. Real world experience. Real world success. Dedicated to making a better world – real.



Visit our website at www.dogoodmarketing.com for more information.

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